How it works.


The client's side.

Posting Projects

After registering, you can connect to your dashboard and upload a project there.

Hiring a writer

Once you publish, examine, and accept the proposals you get from enthusiastic writers.

Adding Funds

If your dashboard shows that you have ₦0.00 in your account balance, you cannot engage a writer.


When you engage a writer, we hold the payment in escrow until you are satisfied that the project is finished before crediting their account.


You can initiate a disagreement if you have a problem with one of the writers, and we'll try to fix it by having a chat between you and the writer.


The writer's side.

Looking for projects

You might seek for assignments that would seem to fit your abilities. You can submit a proposal and wait for the client to respond.

Invitation to project

You may occasionally receive an invitation from a client to work on a project for them; you will be notified of the invitation.

Build your profile

Clients always review writers' profiles before hiring anyone. Create your profile, then, and keep it up.


When you are hired, you won't get credited right away; instead, we will hold the money in escrow until you have finished the job.


You can file a dispute if you are having problems with a client, and we will help you and the client talk things out.

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